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5 reasons why your company should have a Facebook ad campaign

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5 reasons why your company should have a Facebook ad campaign

The proper definition of these objectives is vital not only because it will be the compass Indonesia business email List that guides us, but also because it will be the focal point from which the specific movements of the plan will emerge. We will describe the general objectives, which are usually very similar to those of the company or brand. Later we will be specific and think about the strategies to achieve each of the general objectives previously mentioned. In general this refers to the market, that is, what we want to achieve in each niche or segment. Finally, you have to raise the tactics, which are the specific activities that are part of the strategy and that mainly address the 4 P’s. .

People spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media.

Market or Target Public Each social network is different and many times in the same type of network. We have different markets. It is imperative that we have that very clear. Because each group of people reacts differently to the types of information, messages . With which we must define then. Whom we are going to direct the efforts, with whom we are going to do the tactics mentioned above. This is an exercise in market segmentation, and we must clearly detect all the segments and niches that are necessary and describe them as exhaustively as possible. And that will help us a lot to be able to investigate and find the type of messages, the type of language and the most appropriate content. Sprout Social has efficient statistics on the audience, which will help us to clearly know who are the people who are reading us or receiving our messages. .

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Facebook’s organic reach is almost dead.

a social media plan 2 Marketing Objectives in Social Networks In parallel. We will have to define marketing objectives in our social networks. Which meet the tactics and strategies proposed but which are adequate markets in which we are going to act. Those objectives must be achievable, specific, measurable, useful and tied to a time goal. This is where the KPIs that we are going to use to measure our performance will come from.  We will have to decide the topics that we will talk about throughout the campaign. The approach, the voice and the guidelines that Fax Marketing we will assign to each topic will have to be defined.

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