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Ad Blocking, why don’t we understand that the consumer

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Ad Blocking, why don’t we understand that the consumer

We all know that the Israel B2B List  existence of many editorial sites depends on the advertisers, but digital ads have become so intrusive that they disrupt the user experience. From increased page load times to self-playing videos, I sometimes feel that the industry has lost sight of the user who has the last word and that any movement that annoys or bothers them can be fatal. Although it is true that not everyone hates advertising, it is also a fact that there is a lot of suspicion towards it and every time a site tricks so that the user clicks on an ad that does not interest them at all, it is interrupting their experience and worse still, turning it negative; this is the reason for the growing popularity and use of ad blocking.

According to IAB data,

According to IAB data, 1 in 4 Internet users use ad blockers , which tells us about the general annoyance of intrusive advertising, which has turned its use into an increasingly massive consumption habit that is going to continue its rise and they have something to do with it. make publishers, agencies, brands and programmers. International media have tried to take action on the matter that seem to me to be completely wrong; some have begun to prevent access to users who have the installation of ad blockers and some others request that to access you deactivate your blocker or pay to see their ad-free version … Please! As simple as it is today, simply leave the site and look for the same information in hundreds of others.

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Israel B2B List

1 in 4 Internet users use ad blockers

Is it so difficult to realize that if consumers are fed up it is because .what advertising offers them so far is not relevant to them? There can be Fax Marketing  many solutions, from cumbersome litigation, attacks on ad blocking platforms and “blockers to blockers”, to one that in my opinion obeys common sense: good publicity. It is not an easy task, but if we work hand in hand as an industry in terms of policies and content, avoiding being intrusive and without interrupting the free navigation of the user, perhaps we can stop the growth of this type of blockers, but I emphasize: they have to be taken measures and establish parameters jointly because a resounding “no” from certain publishers will be of no use if there are those who, yielding to the pressure of brands and income,

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