Alcohol and e-regret.

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Alcohol and e-regret.

A channel that initially seemed like a game and that everyone downplayed and scorned, has become a worldwide phenomenon. Some thought it was just a fad or even a joke. But the richest Iran B2B List man in the world, Jeff Bezos, bet his rest and won. The Amazon office in 1999 In Mexico, electronic commerce still faces many challenges because the consumer has very important barriers, simply due to lack of knowledge. And as professionals in the area, it is important that, once and for all, we help people understand that … … It is not dangerous, as long as the website includes the ‘S’ in the http s . … It is better if it has the backing of official institutions, such as AMIPCI and / or some financial institution. … If you have PayPal payment, it facilitates transactions, in addition to protecting them. …

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No credit card required. There are already payments in Oxxo or against delivery. … You can schedule delivery or go to pick up. The reality is that electronic commerce has stolen a large slice of participation from traditional commerce. No store or website in Mexico has managed to establish itself in e-commerce (not even Amazon itself), leaving a huge market opportunity open. What is a fact is that Walmart and Target in the US know it and are desperate. The uses and shopping habits have changed drastically and some more have appeared … The funny thing about e-commerce is that over the years it has been filled with regrets, did you know? In a mature digital market like the United States, the problems have to do not with the lack of quality, or with the fraud, or with the wrong deliveries … but with the drunkards.

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One of the big return reasons for websites comes from the purchases people make when they hang out at the party. There are people who do not even remember that they bought something and suddenly the package arrives … surprise! By channels we must understand: blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, podcast, email marketing, etc. Conversational plan Not all authors propose this section within the social media plan, but I think it is very important because the Fax Marketing  purpose of social networks in their professional use is to join the conversation, to achieve an exposure that can only be achieved by addressing to others in that virtual world. Our intention is to bring the virtual to the real, with which we must think in lines of conversation, in the way in which we can have an interaction not only with our followers and fans, but with influencers within our niche, in addition to having to also define the frequency and type of conversations we will have.

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