How to prepare a Social Media Plan

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How to prepare a Social Media Plan

It is important that this document exists because then the handling of problems or crises will be merely anecdotal since the actions and elements that are used in social networks will be better thought out and during that process, we will be able to be prepared for a greater number of eventualities than if We only think about what to business email database india  do in the event of a crisis, such as when we don’t have a properly formulated plan. It will be like walking with a map, instead of walking aimlessly or blindfolded. Analysis of the situation We cannot start brainstorming what to do until we know where we are standing. We must begin by making an evaluation of our company and its 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

Evaluation and improvement plans

We need to know what is our differentiator with the competition and also know our competitors. Addition to what separates us from each of the most important. We cannot fail to review the mission and values ​​of the company. Understand well within which lines we are going to be able to move on issues and conversations. Likewise, we must clearly know what the objectives of the brand or the company .Because later we will have to raise ours in the social media plan, and they must be parallel or complementary to those of our brand. We also have to do a SWOT analysis of our networks to be able to determine .Which networks or actions we should focus more time and planning,

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Activation and management of social networks

This is also the ideal time to investigate if in social networks we have the market that corresponds to the market segment of the company or brand, or if we simply have followers and fans who Fax Marketing make more number than market. It is necessary to learn from the past so as not to condemn ourselves to repeat the same mistakes. Here is an example of a business model scheme that helps define the key elements of our brand .Our differentiators with the competition, market segments, etc.

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