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Adidas will pay female footballers the bonuses it gives to men who win the World Cup

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Adidas will pay female footballers the bonuses it gives to men who win the World Cup

Adidas-sponsored footballers on the team that wins the FIFA World Cup this year will receive the same performance bonus payments as their male counterparts, the brand said.  The announcement follows news that the United States’ national soccer team is suing its federation over Ukraine Phone Number List allegations of gender discrimination, where the 28 members of the squad were named as plaintiffs in federal court. The lawsuit filed by the team includes complaints about wages. Players said they have consistently been paid less than their male counterparts despite superior performances.

Adidas head of global brands Eric Liedtke said the company wanted to help nurture the next generation of athletes. Today we are announcing that all Adidas athletes on the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup winning team will receive the same performance bonus as their male teammates,” Liedtke said in the statement. We believe in inspiring and empowering the next generation of female athletes, creators and leaders by breaking down barriers,” she added. Team USA’s lawsuit has found support from prominent American tennis players past and present, such as Serena Williams, Bille Jean King and Sloane Stephens.

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