After interviewing no less than 1000 people in person, I decided to tell you the experience

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After interviewing no less than 1000 people in person, I decided to tell you the experience

In my career, I should have interviewed  no less than 1,000 people in person. Read more resumes, especially when Microsoft expanded in Shanghai early.

Today, I share with you my observations over the years, and talk about how I look at resumes.

A friend asked me to help him read his resume. In his resume, his position, the responsibilities of this position, and what he has done are written in great detail.

I said, none of this matters. A good resume is not about what you “did”, but about what you “did”.

What is “done” is the responsibility, this is the content of the recruitment copy; what is “done” is the performance, this is the content of the resume.


The standard for judging the gold content of a resume is “what have you done?”

When I was in college, a thick resume was South Korea Mobile Number beautiful. Self-introduction, photos, photocopies of ID cards, various certificates, certificates, papers, etc., a thick copy. HR doesn’t have time to look at it at all.

A resume is written as a book, usually because there is no bright spot.

Later, your resume becomes a piece  of paper. When you feel that your inexhaustible advantages can be expressed on a piece of paper, it means that you can find outstanding achievements from your ordinary work.

Later, I asked myself, can I write clearly in 30 words? Write your resume into one paragraph.

30 words, when a sentence can be clearly stated, it means that you have found yourself, and others can recognize you.

One day in the future, your resume will change from a book, a piece of paper, a paragraph to your name.

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Others said: Please introduce yourself. You just need to say: My name is XX.

What to avoid and what to do with a resume


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Some classmates left a message on the WeChat public account, wrote an email, and said nothing about their own information, just a series of questions: Do you need to travel for this job? Do you pay social security? Want to work overtime? I’ve been worrying about looking for a job recently, and it just so happens that you’re hiring, so I’ll sign up…

These are typical self-centered questions. When you go to a big company or a highly competitive position, before you show your value or even introduce your name, such news will be pulled into the blacklist.

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