Bounce rate; an evil that is important to avoid

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Bounce rate; an evil that is important to avoid

it is a bad image. Always look for symmetry in your photos, different perspectives, capture small details, focus on highlighting one object by photo and download photo editing apps to improve the appearance of your images. One tip: have at least 15 posts prepared in advance. This will help you define the style or theme you want to project to Estonia B2B List  your audience. To get spectacular content that invites you to “like” and increase your number of followers, you must work hard on the content that accompanies each image. Come up with a title for each story you tell. A winning combination is one that includes a great photo and a creative title and that tells us what we will find when we continue reading the post. Your posts must tell something. Don’t just describe the accompanying image. And depending on the style of your brand you can include emoticons. What time to post? Instagram is a network that is essentially seen through the phone and in people’s spare time.

What to post?

Hence, it is recommended to post or before 9 am or during lunch or after office hours and always from Monday to Friday. This is not final because it depends on the type of audience you are targeting and what their Instagram consumption habits are. Take this just as a guideline that you will need to adjust based on your own metrics. To succeed on Instagram you must be constant and consistent. Having a content calendar will be useful because it allows you to have a “panoramic” vision of how your account will look, what it will say and what aesthetics it will communicate. In addition to the possibility of preparing special content linked to an important date or commemoration for the community or your brand. Do you know that Sprout has the necessary tools for this? And also remember to always be attentive to the news that Instagram presents you. What to post?

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Estonia B2B List

What time to post?

You can create a presentation of your brand on Instagram Stories. This is ideal for introducing yourself to new followers. Create your own aesthetic and in tune with your brand. Manage a range of colors and filters that the audience relates to you. Look at this example of the bag brand “Lamulticolor” (Guatemala) and their use of color on Estonia B2B List Instagram: Do not synchronize your Instagram account like that of Twitter or Facebook, each platform requires its own language Fax Marketing and style that must be reflected in their posts. According to research, the most popular filters on Instagram are: Normal (No filter), Clarendon, Juno, Lark and Ludwig. It has also been found (Trackmaven) that the Mayfer, No Filter and Inkwell filters generate more interaction. Your profile photo must be the same as the one you use for other networks. Strengthen your identity and don’t confuse the audience. Take a look at this example from shoe and accessories brand Paez: Bet on quality. Always If there is something that Instagram does not forgive,

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