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Communication 2.0 a challenge for today’s marketing

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Communication 2.0 a challenge for today’s marketing

So I decided to take one of the elements in which marketing has faced a drastic change, communication. Communication 2.0 The first element that has been visibly transformed is Cambodia B2B List  that of communication, which is usually presented through the tangible part of marketing that is: advertising. This form of communication was unidirectional, the brand transmitted. We have to assimilate that there is already a decentralization of the product in communication efforts . We must focus our attention on our client, or the possible market that we want to serve. It is necessary that we consider that we must contribute .Educate or entertain those people and in the process. earn their trust and show our products or services, and to do this we must do a thorough investigation and observation to determine how we can help our audience.

Communication 2

This has changed gradually but hastily. We went from having a one-way to two-way communication, in which the target audience could respond and speak directly to the brand, responding to their messages, congratulating, questioning or strongly attacking what previously seemed to be unattainable. From bidirectional it became multidirectional, because it was not only a conversation between sender and receiver, but the entire society that surrounded the target audience or the market segment also joined the dialogue and even, many others could closely follow the conversations between brands – users leaving no room for secrets and brands understood that they no longer had absolute control of their behavior or of the market.

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Today we are living communication

We have reached the moment of communication 2.0. Today communication is carried out through multi-platforms, that is, electronic media, print media, mass media, etc., but also multi-channels, because we can Fax Marketing  well have messages on the web, in some social network and / or via email. This is obvious and simple, but the reality is that today’s communication decisions are becoming more complex because not only have the media options that we can choose for our messages have increased, but they have also become so fragmented and specialized, that if we do not correctly define our target audience, the market niches, or the “buyer person”, then any effort would be in vain. Message It is true that many marketers have understood it,

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