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Electronic Commerce In Mexico

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Electronic Commerce In Mexico

Electronic commerce in Mexico has skyrocketed to grow more than 81% and exceed 316 billion pesos. A record figure that will surely make you reconsider launching your ecommerce, if you have not already done so. But Is everything rosy for Mexican ecommerce, what is the real state of electronic commerce in Mexico? Join us to review how we are and how we are doing with Mexican ecommerce! Ecommerce in Mexico has grown so much that it is sometimes hard. For us to believe the official figures: 81% increase and more than 316 billion pesos billed .

That represents 9% of the nation’s total retail sales. Many of those entrepreneurs started shaping their idea from an initial online store. Let us begin! Start or grow your business with a Shopify Expert In Mexico. We have an ecosystem of partners that can help you create your store, grow your sales. Or migrate your business from another platform. Click on the link below and meet them. Plus you have significant discounts! Changes in Mexican electronic commerce. Let’s start with the changes: One of the first major changes. For Mexican ecommerce is the drastic reduction in multi-channel sales.

Challenges And Opportunities

This is a direct consequence of the Luxembourg phone number pandemic. With physical stores closed, the vast majority of sales took place completely online. Changes in Mexican electronic commerce. This change has two levels. One structural and one temporary. At a temporary level, 2020 and so far in 2021. Have been years where it is best to invest the money from your marketing budget. In making ecommerce your main business. Do not waste much time in the physical store because. Until the issue of the pandemic is completely resolved. You run the risk of having to close your store again. Keep that in mind! Right now your ecommerce is the only safe bet in the face of a quarantine.

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REASONS TO BUY ONLINECOURTESY AMVO New shipping logistics networks The structural change comes as a function of orders, parcel logistics networks and last-mile services. Mexico before 2019, before the Covid explosion, did not have functional parcel networks and last-mile services in the vast majority of its territory. Free guide: Preparation and shipment of merchandise From deciding how much to charge your customers, to understanding insurance and tracking shipments, this comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the entire process. We could almost say that before 2019, shipping logistics were limited to large cities: Mexico City Monterey Guadalajara Tijuana Puebla Etc.

Legal Aspects Of Electronic Commerce

We share some logistics and parcel solutions. 99minutes skydropx my shipment cube Today there are already logistics companies that cover the entire Mexican territory and this will only increase because in 2020 the distribution of online sales began to move away from the big cities and to be distributed more evenly throughout Mexico. THE DATA SPEAKS: It is true that Mexico City continues to accumulate a considerable figure, in some studies more than 30% of total sales , but these percentage cakes have nothing to do with what we had in previous years, where it almost seemed that only in Mexico City Mexico was sold online.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case and that is why you need to have an efficient and effective shipping logistics platform, because you will surely receive orders from many parts of our geography. In Mexico Another of the great changes that 2020 left us was the introduction of the Mexican Standard for Electronic Commerce and the Digital Tax. Both legislations were released as a result of the ecommerce boom and come to formalize and give a much-needed legal framework to a sector that is increasingly important. We at Shopify put together an article that explains.

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