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Falling in love with the consumer awakening emotions

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Falling in love with the consumer awakening emotions

which are usually sociological criticisms for that invasion that becomes physical (geographical) or emotional and that are justified to attract attention. Authors like Naomi Klein in her famous No Logo, takes up important examples. Freedom of university email address list  expression is valid, current and necessary.  In other words, autonomy does not mean doing what we want, but having the ability to self-regulate, and ethics and quality in marketing must not only be present, but also in each individual, regardless of the profession they practice, because of otherwise, we could argue that a surgeon could also tell his patient that he needs surgery that he could actually do without. Why should it be any different?

Be part of a new attitude in marketing.

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Marketing and ethics

The end justifies the means and the end goal is to make a profit, as it is in marketing. There is talk of the target audience, that is, of the market segment. I agree that advertising agencies mainly seek that, to attract attention, but is it not the responsibility of marketing that this Fax Marketing  message is then intended for the eyes of those who are interested in seeing that advertisement? Isn’t a city a space for mutual coexistence? If the answer is yes, then we must be clear that especially in such a modern age as the one we live in, we can get the appropriate messages through the right channels and to the right segment. It is not about morality, because that is an ambiguous subject,

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