Google AdSense: what it is and how to use it to monetize your website

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Google AdSense: what it is and how to use it to monetize your website

One of the big questions for anyone starting a digital business is how to make money with a blog . The problem is that many of them. Like seo. Take time to produce results. Fortunately. There is a more immediate solution: google adsense .
The operation of this tool is quite simple. Allowing the owners of websites. Blogs and youtube channels to “rent” space on their pages for the display of advertisements. Receiving a remuneration in return.
Of course. That doesn’t mean you should abandon content production and seo efforts . Ads will be just one more way to generate income with your blog and there is still the option to combine all these strategies.
If you still don’t know what google adsense is. How it works and how to use it to monetize your pages and placements. Keep reading this text. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about this tool.
Here we go?
what is google adsense?
Does google adsense work?
How does google choose where the ad will appear?
Start using adsense?
How to make money with google adsense?

What types of adsense ads?

Adsense is a free advertising program created by google that allows anyone to display advertisements on their website. Blog. Youtube channel or android app. In return. You receive compensation.
It’s like you’re renting space on your page so google can insert advertisements. And whenever a user views or interacts with the ad. Adsense passes a sum to you.
You know when you go to a website and see ads in the body of the text or on the side of the page. Like in the example below?

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When an advertiser signs up to show their ads on the google tool. They have two options:
• display sponsored links on google results page.
• or serve the ads on the display network. Which are the websites. Blogs. Channels and applications that provide space for these advertisements.
When the advertiser decides to show it on the display network. The advertisement enters the tool’s portfolio and google starts to evaluate which blogs or websites this ad will be displayed on.

How does google choose where the ad will appear?
Contrary to what many people think. Google adsense ads are not random.
On the contrary! Instead of randomly Hungary Phone Number displaying ads on participating adsense sites. The tool tries to distribute them on pages that have to do with the product or service being advertised.

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This guarantees a higher conversion rate. As the audience that accesses your site will have more affinity with the ads.
As you can see. It’s not enough to sign up for adsense to start monetizing your page. It is necessary to combine this strategy with the production of quality content so that adsense sends ads to your site that are more suited to your audience.
How to start using adsense?
Signing up for google adsense is simpler than you might think. All you need is a google email account. Your own blog with 100% original content. A phone number and a postal address that can even be your home address.

Who can sign up for google adsense?

Anyone over the age of 18 who has a blog and meets the criteria we mentioned above can sign up and use google adsense to monetize ads.
Of course. There are some restrictions on the type of content you share. For example. Blogs that incite violence. Prejudice. Or that have explicit sexual content are not accepted.
How to sign up for google adsense
the google adsense application process is so simple that you can complete your registration by following the steps below.
1. Go to the google page .
2. Select the email account for which you intend to create your profile.
3. Fill in the name of the blog. Country of origin and agree to the terms and conditions of use of the platform. It is worth remembering that. To create an adsense account. You need to have your own domain. As partners whose blogs are hosted on subdomains such as tumblr . Blogspot and wordpress are not accepted . If you still don’t have your own domain. Get yours at .
4. Before accepting you into the program. Google needs to know if your blog content meets the company’s guidelines. Ads will only start appearing on your page after this verification is done. Once your registration is approved. You will be able to display ads on any page. As long as it complies with google’s policies.
5. The last step is to add the account number to which you want google to deposit the money you earn from ad clicks.
6. At the end of the registration process. Google will send an envelope to your postal address with a confirmation code. This procedure can take up to two weeks.

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