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Google Search Console Tutorial

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Google Search Console Tutorial

Improving the positioning of our website in search engines. Such as Google or Bing is one of the main priorities of every webmaster. Or owner of a digital project. And one of the most important tools to make this possible is. Google Search Console. A tool with which you have a complete analysis of the performance of your online business at the click of a button. In this tutorial you will learn how to register in it. But first you must start your own online business.You can track how many times your page appears in the search engine One of these metrics in particular allows you to track the number of times your website appears on Google users’ search results pages.

Thanks to this, it is possible for you to identify what your strengths are and for what reasons you usually appear more in the search engine. You receive alerts about indexing problems on your website Before I told you how Google Search Console is an efficient way to detect indexing problems and to help you solve them. They inform you every time there is an indexing problem on your website, while helping you to detect what is causing the problem. So yes, it is not a mandatory requirement, but due to the advantages of using this service, it is recommended to do so.

How To Use This Tool Step By Step

And don’t worry, it’s not such a complicated Panama phone number process. Tutorial to register your site in Google Search Console Registering on this platform is quite simple and it will not take you long to do so. You just have to follow these steps: 1. Enter the Search Console page The first thing you have to do is enter this link . In either case, once you are inside, you will find a button that says “ Start now ”. Click there. 2. Sign in to your Google account Your Search Console dashboard needs to be associated with a Google account. Sign in if you already have an account. Otherwise, you will have to create one with which to access the next times. Sign in to your Google account.

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You are going to register The next thing you will need to do is choose the type of property you are going to register. There are two options.Register a domain. Register a URL Either of the two options can work for you, the main difference is that when you register a domain you will also be registering all of its subdomains. It is the most recommended alternative but it is only available for those who have purchased their own domain. Select the type of property you are going to register Once you are clear about what type of property you want to register, you can click the continue button at the bottom of each box.

Select The Type Of Property

Verify your domain If you have opted for the first type, which is to register a domain, the verification process consists of entering the configuration of your domain provider, such as GoDaddy, and pasting into the configuration a link that Search Console will give. It’s quite easy: once you’ve clicked continue, a new window will open where you’ll be shown the directions you need to follow. Verify your domain Next, log in to your account at your domain provider, and then in your domain’s DNS settings, copy and paste the text that Search Console gave you .

Once this is done and the changes have been applied, you can go back to the Google Search Console verification page and click the “ Verify ” button at the bottom. In case you couldn’t do it this way, you may need to register a URL. 4. Verify a URL In case the previous step did not work for you or you prefer to use other verification methods, you can choose the second type of property and register a URL. For this case there are more alternatives, and you can choose the one that makes you more comfortable. The first thing is to enter the URL of your website and click continue. After that, another verification window will open as in the previous case, but with different methods to verify your website and register you in Google Search Console.

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