How do you find the right influencers?

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How do you find the right influencers?

They are a key piece in the universe of social networks and of course, digital marketing. Influencers have sneaked into our preferences and anyone who says they have never made at least one decision based on the recommendation of an influencer is lying. Isn’t it true that no one gets away? And although Dulceida, with 2.1 mm followers on Guyana B2B List  Instagram or Holasoygerman, the Chilean youtuber with 32 million followers on his YouTube channel, probably comes to mind, the truth is that the world of influencers is not only it moves by gigantic numbers, big budgets and mentions. We will explain how to draw up a strategy with this sector, how to choose the most suitable for your brand or service and, above all, how to measure its impact. Are you ready? Influencer search criteria: how and where to find them?

Clear creativity and call-to-action

Although an influencer’s millions of followers can impress, this shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when mapping out your work strategy. Yes, it would be great if Sascha Barboza Luisa Fernanda Cataño recommend our brand, but you have to be realistic. Ask yourself things like: what do you want to achieve with this influencer: more likes for your posts, increase engagement or gain new customers for your product? Create a community? Increase your presence on certain channels or platforms? By absolving these doubts, you will trace the objectives you want to achieve with the influencers. When answering you must quantify them in percentages and quantities and you will be landing your purposes and objectives. Please note the following: The more specific and quantifiable your goals are, the better.

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It must be direct and clear with the offer

What do you want to achieve from the collaboration? Do you want the likes of your posts to increase? Get more followers? Increase sales? Define in what percentage and amount you want it. Otherwise it will be impossible not only to evaluate the success of the campaign carried out but how successful the collaboration with the influencer has been. How much are you going to invest with this collaboration? In addition to the payment, also consider if they are going to carry out an Fax Marketing  event, production expenses for the images or videos, promotion, discount coupons, product samples, invitations to your premises, etc. How long will the collaboration last? Will it coincide with the launch of a new product, with a special date (Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.), with a change of season, or is it a specific promotion (discount obtained thanks to the influencer, etc.)? With this clear plan, the following will be to draw the profile you want to work with and only from then on can you start looking for the one you need. Don’t go blind! To find the most suitable influencer for your brand, you must take into account these factors, which must be fully aligned and in harmony with the values ​​and spirit of your brand: The type of content it generates: if it is more text or image, if it is more than short videos or storytelling.

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