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How to write articles for the Internet?

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How to write articles for the Internet?

“Not everything I touch is gold, but everything I say I try to enrich …”. That should be the creed of every influencer. The “what do I want to communicate” should be the first question that crosses your mind, before thinking about what to furniture store mailing list  put in your media kit. A born influencer is a storyteller, he wraps between his speech and the consistency that supports him. He has that talent to upset you, convince you, or even inspire you. And it is that today these characters are visible thanks to social networks. But in reality, they have always lived in the history of marketing only before they were more permeated.

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They give a lot of validation to the digital voice and even take flags or torches depending on the case. And it is that the followers / consumers are judges, defenders and prosecutors (all at the same time); and in view of the above, the great responsibility in the tone of communication of an influencer resonates in the environment. The influencer is that Jiminy Cricket voice to which a consumer asks for advice to buy this or that eyeliner, or to buy or not to buy whole grain cereal. An influencer is not a bum, a real one. He has a goal, he knows his place in the digital universe, but above all he knows that he is consistent. Yes, it opens its doors to your lifestyle and even family, and yes, you will surely have business partners as well.

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For delivery Channels In addition to the website, it is advisable to think about other social networks . as well as sending mailing, to take advantage of the largest number of channels available in the digital environment. Formats Currently there is a wealth of formats that can be used to have a better positioning .  Snack content It is the copy or text that will be used when distributing the content through the different channels and using one or more of the available formats. The intention of the snack content is to awaken the intention that users decide to click on the shared link to generate a new visit to the website. Finally, one should never forget to evaluate what is being done.

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