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Kilodeflor: Flowers To Your Liking

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Kilodeflor: Flowers To Your Liking

Market segmentation types Inditex market segmentation. The Inditex group has been very good at segmenting according to the public. It is targeting, with stores geared towards each of the segments it wants to “attack”. For example: Zara is focused on young middle-class families. Who are looking for trendy fashion, but at moderate prices. Pull and Bear, on the other hand, is a brand aimed at a younger, urban and casual audience. The most sophisticated, independent. And cosmopolitan customers, who want quality, elegant and classic fashion. Have Massimo Dutti stores. On the other hand, Bershka stores are mainly aimed at young women. Almost teenagers— who want more daring and provocative clothes.

However, for young women who want dynamic, informal. And imaginative clothing, Inditex has created the Stradivarius stores. Where they will find the garments they are looking for. But in addition, the Spanish textile group has further segmented its market, opening stores like Oysho, designed. For people who want to buy quality women’s underwear, but at a good price. And for those who buy quality accessories at a reasonable price. Uterqüe stores are the best option. market segmentation strategy Are you ready to choose a market segmentation strategy? Now you know how you can optimize your marketing actions through market segmentation.

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We hope you have understood what market Vietnam phone number segmentation is. For and how you can apply the best strategies. In any case, if you still have doubts, you can ask us what you consider appropriate in the comments below. Kilodeflor was born as a physical flower shop in Mexico City and it is the expertise of Mariana Ballesteros , its founder, that pushes this business to take the leap online just three weeks before the start of the pandemic. A huge success! Since then they have become a benchmark ecommerce for their quality and pioneering spirit: they offer to create your own bouquets from their website and also a subscription service so you never run out of flowers.

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Start now to shape your idea by creating your own online store with Shopify: Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address This is the success story of Kilodeflor! Taking the leap online, just in time Subscriptions and specialized transport 3 essential apps for Kilodeflor Mariana Ballesteros founded Kilodeflor in Mexico City, one of the most populous cities on the planet and one of the least green areas. So much so that Mariana, laughing, points out the obvious “ there are many of us here ” to remind us of the importance of flowers, of the joy of green in our lives.

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This is the success story of Kilodeflor! We spoke with her to learn about the success story of Kilodeflor , a pioneering ecommerce that managed to transfer the experience of entering a flower shop and designing our own bouquet to the online world. Of its success story? Mariana herself tells you, click here! Have you been wanting more? Subscribe to the Shopify Ecommerce Masters podcast on your favorite platform, and join us for our next episode to learn more from the ecommerce experts. Jumping online just in time Kilodeflor was born exactly three weeks before Covid started, and Mariana went straight to a Shopify store.

“We started with Shopify. I chose it because I had already read a lot about Shopify and had tried some pages that used this platform and I really loved it, because it made it easy for us to dedicate ourselves to what we are: a flower shop. Without worrying about the technical part of ecommerce programming. Also in Mexico, Shopify gives customers a lot of security” Jumping online just in time But Kilodeflor did not have it easy. As Mariana recalls, Mexico was not a country used to buying online, much less buying flowers online. In fact, most of the flowers that are bought in Mexico are bought in supermarkets.

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