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Menu Prepared Exclusively By a Food Processor

Álvaro Rodríguez , VP Sales and Business Development at TAPTAP Digital, has also presented a case study carried out with t2ó and Orange. “As a great novelty from the company we have used Uganda Phone Number List our True Rich tool, which plans the scope and affinity of OOH sites.” After him, Nadia Álvarez , Sales Senior Manager at Taboola, explained the best practices in the programming environment, and offered some of the main keys. “Creativity Uganda Phone Number List  is key and it is that the correct selection of the image and the text is 70% of the success of the campaigns”. Alberto Gonzalez, Director of Operations and Data at WeMass, analyzes one of the great issues of the moment; the transition to cookieless: «There are several elements to take into account in a year Uganda Phone Number List  and a half from now. The key is to try new solutions.

Prepared Exclusively By a Food Processor

Later Björn Baumgartner , Programmatic Sales Executive at Yahoo, raises a debate in his presentation about why Uganda Phone Number List more branding campaigns are not carried out programmatically. “We want to claim this type of campaign since there are currently many more guidelines to improve branding campaigns through programmatic”. Dalbir Gill , VP Global Partnership and head of Programmatic at Seedtag, with a digital Uganda Phone Number List  presentation, is critical of the role that creativity plays in the programmatic environment. “I’ve been working in programmatics for over ten years and to be honest we haven’t seen a lot of innovation when it comes to Uganda Phone Number List .” Ramon Suso, Engagement Account director at Havas Media Group,

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presented a success story developed for Movistar + and highlighted that “the basis of the strategy is personalization. When communicating the essence of the brand this has to be done under massive Uganda Phone Number List  customization. Next, Javier Valbuena , Commercial Director at Weborama, analyzes semantic contextual targeting based on performance campaigns. “Semantic Uganda Phone Number List targeting allows us to reach the total inventory that is available in the programmatic ecosystem. At Weborama we are faithful to Uganda Phone Number List apply contextual targeting without hesitation “.

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