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The Short List Of The First Edition Of The Aebrand

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The Short List Of The First Edition Of The Aebrand

To bring this concept to the media, PHD has created advertising blocks on TV in which this orange filter goes beyond the ŠKODA FABIA spot UK Phone Number List itself , tinting the rest of the spots on the grid with this color so that this concept transcends the brand itself . In this way, the agency reflects that “your imagination has no limits” by modeling the new ŠKODA FABIA in 3D so that the vehicle comes out of its own spot and, as it passes, infects the rest of the spots that are broadcast UK Phone Number List with color . A special action that culminates the advertising block with the new ŠKODA FABIA, offering the rest of the claim “your world either” and showing that the world can be the UK Phone Number List color you want to see it.

Aebrand Awards Begins

As a result, this special action provides the opportunity to achieve coverage as well as notoriety among the younger target and stand out from the UK Phone Number List rest of advertisers at a time of high advertising saturation.These passes are broadcast both in the Mediaset and Atresmedia environments in the most related programs for this generation Z that tries to show the UK Phone Number List world how a different vision can help move the world in another direction. Of the 103 nominations that were submitted to the call, 16 are the cases that have become part of the short list of the Aebrand Awards . The Spanish Branding Association has announced the works that are opting to be UK Phone Number List winners of this first edition.

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There are three finalist candidates in each of the participation categories, with the exception of Best Internal Brand and Best Brand in Latin UK Phone Number List America, which have two finalists.Creation of a new brand : Root Square, Urban Poke and Wivai Brand repositioning : IFEMA, Vithas and Melilla Turismo Impacto social: Sheedo, Women Action Sustainability, UNICEF Brand experience : UK Phone Number List Grillaera, Les Artes and Vueling Best internal brand : Grupo Antolín y Ferrer Best Latin American brand : Curiara and Grupo Ramos The second phase of the Aebrand Awards begins

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