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The Spanish Federation Of Mountain Sport

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The Spanish Federation Of Mountain Sport

MKTG Spain , a leading experiential marketing and sponsorship company, has signed an agreement with the Spanish Federation of Mountain Australia Phone Number List and Climbing Sports (FEDME) with the aim of opening the doors to those brands that want to align Australia Phone Number List their values ​​with those of FEDME through the sponsorship. MKTG Spain has been linked to sport since its origins and throughout its history it has closed renowned Australia Phone Number List sponsorship agreements in this field.

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The FEDME, which in 2022 celebrates Australia Phone Number List its centenary, begins with this agreement a new stage full of possibilities to give more and better visibility to the Federation and the sports it represents. The FEDME is the only Spanish sports federation with participation in the Olympic, winter and summer Games, and ranks fifth in number of federated, being the second in Australia Phone Number List of female licenses. In addition, it is a federation of a social nature that from its beginnings has had a strong ethical aspect, and that draws on the inherent values ​​of mountaineering, such as effort, companionship and the defense of nature and the environment. Without a doubt, it is Australia Phone Number List the federation of reference in the natural environment.

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The president of the FEDME, Alberto Ayora , affirms that “our sports are practiced by more than seven and a half million people. Having an ally like MKTG Spain Australia Phone Number List to find brands that share our values ​​and help us make our events visible, as well as the sports and athletes represented by the Federation, is a more than necessary step forward. This initiative will certainly provide us with not only the resources we need, but will also provide interesting Australia Phone Number List high-value links for the brands that will now be able to join us ”.

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