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These Changes In Detail

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These Changes In Detail

You can read it here Online shopping for the first time. The third notable aspect of 2020 was the enormous volume of Mexicans who dared. To make purchases online for the first time: between 20% and 18%. Of total purchases were first purchases. This represents a paradigm shift. And heralds an excellent future for Mexican ecommerce. The Mexican was not very given to buying online. But the Covid crisis pushed more than one to give ecommerce a chance. Especially in the food sector, where 60% of online purchases were made in April. Approximately 40% of these were first purchases – and in the technology and food delivery sectors. Which registered 38% in January and 44% of total purchases. Mexican Buyer Profile COURTESY AMVO.

A TIP: With such a high rate of first purchases, the Mexican online market demands extreme care in the buyer’s experience. First impressions make the difference between a returning buyer or someone who will never trust your products or brand again. The increase in first-time online buyers has also represented a considerable increase in the demand for debit and credit cards. A sensitive issue in Mexico that continues to have extremely low banking penetration levels. Surely, with this monumental push that ecommerce is generating, banking entities and financial technology platforms will end up betting on banking the nation.

Payments With Debit Cards Or Cash

So now is an excellent time for you to define your Namibia phone number ecommerce payment gateways. And be as accessible as possible to new customers! Challenges for the growth of Mexican ecommerce Nothing is completely perfect. 2020 brought to light some challenges and pitfalls that we still have to overcome to guarantee the viability of Mexican ecommerce. The first of these is the issue of fraud: it remains extremely high. According to different media, it is estimated that online fraud has grown by up to 400% . And the products that suffer the most from this type of criminal activity are some of the best-selling categories: sneakers, cell phone accessories and liquor. Products with an average ticket of more than 800 pesos .

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A TIP: The most common fraud is credit card cloning. Oxxo – are the safest. Obviously, having a robust payment gateway is an excellent way to protect your ecommerce from possible fraud. But you must take care that this payment gateway does not block orders in excess, or else, you will find yourself without sales. Mexican Buyer FearsCOURTESY AMVO What are the most used payment gateways in Mexico? In Mexico there are multiple payment gateways. We share some: PayPal Stripe MercadoPago connect kueski pay Less offers and more value Most used payment methods in MexicoCOURTESY AMVO Another of the great challenges is the issue of online offers and promotions.

Growth Opportunities For Ecommerce

Both the Hot Sale and the Good Weekend have been increasing the number of days they have promotions. This is a product of the enormous growth that Mexican ecommerce has experienced, but it has consequences for online stores and also for buyers: the issue of offers is getting out of control. An ecommerce cannot constantly offer its products at a discount, nor is it beneficial for the buyer to see two weeks of incessant bombardment of discounts, flash promotions and product bundles . For this reason, experts such as Alejandro Moreno from Getmore and Pancho Mendiola from Onward – which is also our Educational Partner for Latin America – insist that discounts must have proportion and measure.


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