Updated Google Search Console Product Rich Report

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Updated Google Search Console Product Rich Report

Google made changes to its product rich report for structured product data on December 28 2021. This product rich report is available in the google search console and changes may result. In number of companies and issues will not be the same as the previous day. What has changed. Google said the search company has changed the way it evaluates and reports errors in Product’s structured data. Google did not specify further details than that. The impact of change as a result of this change, google said that you may see changes. In the number of product services and issues reported for your property, as well as changes. In the severity of some issues starting with error to warning google will comment on the report. So if you see a decrease or increase in these numbers it may be related to a change.

Google Made At The End Of Its Report And No One

Has changed anything for you. Again this may just be a change in the report and the Google search results have not changed. Why do we care if you notice a change in the rich results report in the google. Search console don’t be alarmed it’s a Brazil Phone Number noticeable change at the end of google. If you have not made any changes to your website by that date there is no reason to worry. You should still review any errors issues and warnings identified by Google in this report and resolve these issues Search Google Search Console for exams Dec. 28, 20210One minute is not enough Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Search Google Search.

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Tries a new notification bar or table at the top of the Google Search Console interface. The bar doesn’t seem to be going as well yet but there are three levels of reporting according to the intensity of the news. Type of statement. The Google Search Console displays three types of declaration bars: Statement of Information A little problem statement Statement of major issues What does it look like for error management. Here is a snapshot of the current images although clicking on them does not do anything right now. Why do we care It looks like Google will be able to use this to communicate Google Search issues directly to website owners. Again it’s not fully working right now but I suspect it will come out soon. .

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