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What Can Really Increase The Sales

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What Can Really Increase The Sales

And that of an ecommerce in a sustainable way is to offer added value to your product or service. Do you sell something that could benefit from a tutorial or classes on its use? Offer them! Can you give the buyer extra products that can be combined or used with your main product? Add them! This is how you can generate recurring purchases of your product or service and also build a community. To finish, let’s review the growth opportunities of electronic commerce in Mexico based on the data that this 2020 leaves us. Another huge change, is that 81% of those surveyed by AMVO in its 2020 ecommerce report indicated that they had exclusively searched for products,

The first thing is that the vast majority of buyers, more than 80% according to AMVO studies , are encouraged to buy online when the ecommerce offers them anti-fraud protection or guarantees. And another 61% consider it decisive to buy or not to buy , that the ecommerce ensures the return of the product or service if it does not meet the conditions that the customer expects. This return policy for dissatisfaction is a global ecommerce standard and, even though in Mexico we are not very clear about it, in the United States and Europe they have been applying it for years and it is one of the great reasons why people buy online: there are certainty that if you don’t like it, you can return it.

Even At A Cultural Level

A tip: The three sectors that have grown the most Nepal phone number are. Food delivery (60%), online food (40%) and pharmacy (40%) Keep this in mind! Statistically, the sector that has grown the most is food and home delivery: up to a 60% increase according to multiple reports. Of course, sportswear, shoes and technology, large historical sectors of ecommerce, continue to sell very well, and obviously the online tourism sector has also collapsed. At this point, mid-2021, there is still no rebound in the sale of online tourist packages, trips, cruises and etc.

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Prices and reviews of them online, to buy online. That used to happen of looking for products, prices and reviews online to buy in physical, is over. Omnichannel ChangeCOURTESY AMVO And what stops shoppers from filling the cart? Well, 80% indicate that they withdraw from a purchase if the request form for their bank details seems suspicious to them. Fear of fraud is the great enemy to overcome in Mexico. To close, 2020 left us with a demographic and sociological profile that clearly shows us what the Mexican online buyer is like: 53% are women, 21% are young people between 18 and 24 years of age .

Who Buys Online In Mexico?

And surprisingly, 18% of buyers are in the range between 45 and 65 years of age. And didn’t they say that older people don’t buy online? Well, look how the Mexican market is changing! A tip: With a vast majority of buyers on mobile devices, your ecommerce must be responsive. Shopify brings you this solution out of the box At the device level, there are also revealing figures: 95% review, choose or buy products using their mobile phones . And 21% of Mexicans who bought online during 2020, do so on a recurring basis at least once a month. All these figures lead us to a single conclusion: Mexico is a growing market for electronic commerce. We have everything to grow together in 2021!

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