What is a chatbot and how to apply it to a marketing strategy?

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What is a chatbot and how to apply it to a marketing strategy?

For some years now, we have frequently heard the word “chatbot”; however, there are many people who are not yet familiar with this concept. Therefore, we will tell you what a chatbot is and how we can use it in our digital marketing strategy. A chatbot is a computer program focused on interaction that works by artificial intelligence and is capable of Australia Business Email List holding a conversation. In the beginning, large companies were the ones that had access to this type of technology; However, over time, access to these has been made Australia Business Email List  easier for small and medium-sized companies. There are two types of chatbots, voice and text. In essence they are both the same, the only thing that differentiates them is the input method they interpret. Among the most famous voice chatbots we find Siri and Alexa; while the most famous text chatbot could be that of Facebook Messenger. What is a chatbot for? Currently, the chatbot has become a fundamental element to improve the interactio

What is a chatbot for?

For this reason, it is an increasingly common tool in customer service. What are the benefits of using chatbots? With the passage of time consumer behavior has changed. The trend is that people seek services with short waiting times; In other words, if we have a platform that can instantly answer our clients’ questions, it will be easier to make a sale. This is where chatbots come in, they can be programmed in such a way that they provide almost immediate responses. On the other hand, as it is an automatic process, it also allows us to follow up on more requests at the time than we could carry out with a person responding to customer messages. If you want to know more benefits and ways to implement chatbots in your marketing strategy.

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What are the benefits of using chatbots?

In digital, it is common to hear that ” content is king” and to choose which will be the best formats, you must know the market segmentation . Distribute content through different channels . The Internet, as a shared medium, is an interface that broadens Fax Marketing  the possibility of using different channels so that knowledge, converted into content, reaches the different stakeholders . Some of the channels that can be used are: website, mail, blog, newsletter, apps, eComerce and different social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn, just to mention a few. What are the advantages of being a Media Company? Holistic communication strategy Social responsability Better resource management Shielding of corporate reputation Crisis prevention Greater engagement and conversions Boost empathy with stakeholders Dynamizes the processes of evolution and adaptation How expensive is it to be a Media Company?

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