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Win A Free Camping Kit

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Win A Free Camping Kit

You can do this by indicating the exact date of your release. Or by displaying a countdown timer, such as the ULTIMATE countdown timer. Which tells you, second by second, how long until your release date. If you’re directing people to a page where there aren’t any products available. To purchase right away, you need to make sure you have a plan in place to prevent them. From leaving the page. This is the time when your pre-launch page becomes a resource. For capturing an audience of potential customers. In most cases. It will require you to create an email list. In addition, you may also need to create a retargeting audience or accept pre-sales.

Increase your chances of getting visitors to sign up. For your email list by offering them an incentive: presale prices Exclusive discounts. Or gifts valuable content Participation in a contest Access to what’s going. On behind the scenes (or even the ability to have a say in what you’re creating). Example of titocustoms titocustoms pre-launch page example You can also consider using an exit intent popup, such as Privy or Spin-a-Sale , so visitors find a reason to subscribe when they’re about to leave your page. Then, you can communicate with this audience before the launch to gather their opinions, share them in their networks or simply remind them of the day of your launch.

Build Your Pre-launch Email List

With a contact form Imagine the comments if Norway phone number they were gifts. You don’t need to wait for the launch to open them. If you establish a line of communication through email or social networks. Or better yet, via live chat, you’ll be able to answer customer questions ahead of time, as well as persuade people to have personal conversations with your audience before launch and get candid feedback on your concept. You can add a live chat widget, like: Tidio Live Chat Shopify Chat (with Shopify Inbox only ) This will allow you to allow visitors to your pre-launch page to communicate with you. 4. Encourage visitors to spread the word If people like your idea, they may share it with their friends or on their networks, especially if you make it easy for them by including social sharing buttons.

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Encourage visitors to spread the word However, you can make this task even easier for them by giving them an incentive to share your page with their friends or engage with your brand on social media. You can use a quiz app like Gleam . Some of the best pre-launch pages create what’s called a “viral loop,” allowing everyone you reach to receive an incentive (whether it’s a discount or a chance to enter a contest), not just by subscribing to your email list, but also sharing your page with other people. Happycamper raffle A common way to create a viral loop is to add a referral marketing widget, such as Viral Loops , to your page to offer different levels of rewards based on the number of referrals a person manages to generate.

Provide Potential Customers

Effective pre-launch loop How to create a pre-launch page in Shopify? If you’re wondering how to create your own pre-launch page, there are basically two common methods of doing it on Shopify; both allow you to easily create your store in the background at your own pace and activate it in a couple of clicks when you’re done. To illustrate the differences between each of the methods, I’ve put together a few examples using a hypothetical business that plans to sell camping kits for beginners. 1. Use your Shopify password page as a pre-launch page The fastest way to launch your pre-launch page on Shopify is simply to use your password page.

By default, most password pages have the basic features of a pre-launch page (an email signup form, social sharing buttons, etc.). It’s recommended if you just want a simple placeholder page that explains what your business is like and builds your email list as you build your store. Being password protected, you can also allow certain people to view your website in progress just by giving them the password. You can activate the password page of your Shopify store by going to Preferences of your online store and choosing ” Activate password “. Along the way, you can also customize your main message for visitors and explain what you plan to launch.

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