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Would you entrust the image of your company to an influencer?

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Would you entrust the image of your company to an influencer?

Above all, it is an ideal resource for SMEs. The platform has more than 3.5 million followers divided into micro influencers who do not have millions of followers. But the content they create is authentic. They create credible conversation when compared to sponsored or celebrity content. Obvious and as I mentioned at the beginning of the Burma B2B List  paragraph, if you have a budget, it is productive to hire recognized influencers as long as they cover the market profile we are looking for for the brand. If we get it right – this is where the analysis, the strategy and the budget come in – with the choice of the influencer and the segment or community we want our message to reach, the profitability can be very high. An influencer ‘humanizes the message’. No matter how good an advertisement is, it is still a commercial tool and users of the network know it.

Who are influencers, influencers or influencers?

luencers are Internet users who, through sites, blogs or social networks, have acquired the ability to affect the purchase decisions of others due to their authority, knowledge, position or real or perceived relationship. An influencer does not necessarily have to be a type of celebrity, journalist or blogger. He or she can be ordinary people with the right connections and the necessary social attraction. It is possible – and it happens in our times – that people do not trust brands very much, but, and according to studies, 90% of consumers believe in brand recommendations that their friends and / or communities can give them. Trust an influencer for the company? If you have the budget, of course you do. We, within the group of companies that we have, manage MyMuuk, which is dedicated to the development of Influencer Marketing strategies. And with very good results we have done campaigns for several brands.

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Trust an influencer for the company?

Before analyzing how convenient or appropriate it is to use an influencer to support the image of a product, I share a fact that I found in a Spanish portal about what some athletes charge for their tweets. Calculate if your budget would be enough to consider it. And although the question is joking, what is a fact is that there are Fax Marketing  brands that do it and invest millions of dollars to swell the portfolios of the already multimillionaire characters. Cost per tweet on Twitter Cristiano Ronaldo earns $ 260,490. Lebron James earns $ 140,119. Neymar earns $ 135,900. Wayne Rooney earns $ 81,690. Mesut Özil earns $ 68,380. Kevin Durant earns $ 66,764. Sergio Agüero wins $ 62.54 0. Radamel Falcao earns $ 62,210. James Rodriguez earns $ 59,100. Rafael Nadal earns $ 58,240. Well, now, with our feet on the ground, let’s get back to the topic. I remember that in my college days these characters that we call influencers in the digital age were called “Opinion Leaders”. And although in essence its function is the same, the quantity, uses, diversification and scope of the characters has evolved –especially with social networks- in an exponential way. But beware, not all that glitters is gold. Who are influencers, influencers or influencers?

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