You should write articles and blog posts on every single keyword

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You should write articles and blog posts on every single keyword

Beware, you should not use your exact focus keyword more than once. If you do, your rankings might suffer from keyword cannibalization. Google has a hard time distinguishing between content that’s very alike. Therefore it might rank very similar posts or pages lower.

Not sure if you used a focus keyphrase before? The post ill help you get an overview of the focus keyphrases you’ve used before and on what page. Also, Yoast SEO gives you a warning in thSEO analysis if you use if you use one twice.

Did you find out you’ve already used the same or very similar keywords or keyphrases Spain Phone Number on various posts and pages? Then, it probably makes sense to audit your content and perhaps merge/delete/redirect some of it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on

Ready? Start writing!

You can find this feature in the Yoast SEO sidebar and meta box. Simply go to the ‘Get related keyphrases’ button underneath the ‘Focus keyphrase’ field and click it. The first time you click this, you will need to connect your Semrush account or create an account and authorize Yoast SEO to use it.

Spain Phone Number
Spain Phone Number

Keyword research should be the start of an. The result will be a long list of keywords for which to  be found.  But the hardest part is still ahead: writing all that content. You should write articles and blog posts on every single keyword you would like to be found for. That’s quite a challenge. Check out ourto get started!, so it automatically detects all the different forms of your focus keyphrase (known as. So, you no longer have to optimize your post for a specific word form. Optimizing your post has become a much more natural process. However, there are reasons why you’d still want to optimize for a very specific word form of a keyword. In this case, you can put your focus keyphrase in quotes: “best books ever”. SEO will now only take that exact focus keyphrase into account when checking your

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