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To finish setting up your password page as a pre-launch page. You’ll need to head over to your theme editor and customize it directly. The newsletter subscription field and add an additional copy to frame your form. In no time, you’ll have a pre-launch page to collect emails while you build your actual store. For many new store owners who don’t have a long time to launch or a pre-launch plan. To drive lots of traffic, a solution like this will do the trick. Happy Campers. Countdown page Translation : “Launching May 2020. Happy Campers is where first-time campers can equip themselves. With the right gear and training to learn to love camping as much as we do.

In the meantime, register your email in our database and participate in a draw to win a free camping kit when we start the project”. Of your theme Another way to create your pre-launch page. In Shopify is to simply make two different versions of your store: a “coming soon” version. That you’ll publish to the backend as a starting point for your pre-launch marketing efforts. And an “under construction” version. in which you will continue working for your official launch. Post a “coming soon” version of your topic Translation : First blue box “Happy Camper (coming soon)”; Second frame: “Happy Camper (On the Go)” This version can be a single page where you can add product photos, an explainer video, calls to action, social proof, and more.

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You can take advantage of an elaborate feature Malta phone number that provides. More information as well as all the features available in your theme to further persuade visitors and incorporate other goals you have before launch, such as directing people to specifically follow your Instagram account or support your theme. your Kickstarter campaign. For better customization of your pre-launch page, you can check out these Shopify apps . Practical examples of pre-launch marketing Once you have a page under construction with a close date, you can start your pre-launch marketing campaign.

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If you’re wondering how to design your own pre-launch campaign, take a look at the pre-launch page examples below for inspiration. Each one has a very different focus, but there are key lessons worth noting. Harry’s: How to Attract Leads and Amplify Reach with Rewards Harry’s How To Attract Leads Translation : “Invite your friends and win products: share your unique link by email, Facebook or Twitter and get benefits from Harry’s for each friend who signs up” Referral marketing is typically used to motivate your paying customers to help you get more paying customers by offering a reward to both parties.

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However, in the case of Harry’s, subscribers received better and better rewards as they referred more subscribers. The opt-in factor for referrer and referrer was just one email, so it was an easy offer to accept. Think about how you can use a thank you page or thank you email to create a subscription flow that encourages new subscribers to take more action in exchange for a bigger reward. Molekule: How to Score to Create a Pre-Launch Marketing Goal The fact of generating sales translates directly into income. Instead, collecting emails as part of a pre-launch campaign may not achieve the same goal.

That’s why it ‘s important to work backwards to determine what the value of an email is to you, what your goal should be, and how much to spend on pre-launch marketing, especially if you’re interested in ramping up your audience-building efforts through marketing. of payment. For example, Molekule, an innovative air purifier brand, spent $50,000 USD to build an email list of 25,000 subscribers, considering that if only 0.5% bought their high-priced product, the base of data would more than pay for itself. Popov Leather: how to accept pre-sales of a pre-release product Pre-launch pages are not just a resource for new businesses. Established brands can also use them to promote products that are not yet ready for sale.

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