The importance of multi-channel shopping

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The importance of multi-channel shopping

Building an e-commerce store has gotten easier over the past few years, as web hosting providers ( like 1 and 1  for example) offer domain registration and website building tools that can be launched and scaled with just a few clicks. But once a website is up and running, the challenge of maintaining and optimizing that e-commerce site begins. Indeed, once you grab a tiger’s tail, all you can do is hang. Integrating your e-commerce website with other online retail platforms, as well as brick-and-mortar stores you may have, is one of the biggest and most important challenges any e-commerce company will face right from the start.

What exactly is multi-channel shopping?

Multi-channel shopping (sometimes called “Omni-channel shopping”) is essentially giving customers various platforms so they can buy your products. Traditionally. Multi-channel shopping. Or multi- channel retailing . Refers to businesses that offer products online and offline through mail order. Catalogs. And phone calls. As such. It has little to do with those businesses that only operate online. Today. However. (and even more so in 2016) multi-channel retailing is becoming an important factor for those who do not have catalogues and no physical store aisles. But operate in the same virtual world as multi-merchant online platforms.

In fact. Online shoppers increasingly want to Oman Phone Number find the product they’re searching for on a specific site ona multi-merchant platform. Of which amazon is naturally the most prolific. The appeal of buying products on sites like amazon. Etsy. Or themeforest is that they offer a comfortable user experience (as they are both trusting and familiar). But also the ability to buy a basket of products from different suppliers for a lump sum.

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In addition to integrated back-end processes. It is critical that the consumer’s “Front-office” experience is recognizable across all channels. Maintaining a solid experience and brand consistency will be an important driver in ensuring customer loyalty leads to repeat sales. From design templates to customer service. Packaging. Delivery and refund policies. You want as little shock as possible to welcome repeat customers who now buy products through different channels.


Integrate Your Brick and Mortar Outlets

Following the above, multi-channel retailing is indispensable for businesses that also operate offline. While showrooms (where customers check out products in stores and then return home to buy online) are becoming more common, a significant number of consumers still use the method of researching products .online and then making their final purchases in stores. Either way, the seesaw swings in 2016, with a focus on .consumers continuing to engage digitally .and in person with merchants. It is imperative to ensure that their e-commerce website corresponds to their brick-and-mortar store, rather than assuming that each customer belongs to two separate and distinct groups.

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